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03.02.2016 pimp-your-brain Daily Routine

PIMP your brain. Again

Hi everyone! And again some interesting and inspiring stuff from youtube. 
Убиваем двух зайцев — узнаем что то новое и интересное + учим английский (для продвинутых)
For your curiosity and inspiration. Learn something new every day.
Below are 5 awesome channels.  Let’s PIMP your brain!

1. Great Big Story. Short videos about successful, kinky and skillful people. About animals, our environment and many many more.



2. Crash course. The smart guy tells us how do things work, such as Economics, Astronomy and so on.



3. In a nut shell. Former Kurzgesagt. Splendid animation and themes in easy way to understand.

in a nut shell


4. PragerU. About politics and money and corruption.



5. The schoolof life. I love this channel, especially the heading — A WORKING DAY.

School of life

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